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Welcome to Bargain MicroscopesWelcome to Bargain MicroscopesWelcome to Bargain MicroscopesWelcome to Bargain Microscopes

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Excellent Quality Microscopes for Measuring and Inspecting Tools, Parts, and many other items.

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Price: $ 3,009.99
Model: bm0065000a
Shipping/Handling/Insurance: $ 69.98


Product Overview //
  • Toolmaker’s Microscope for Precise Measuring!
  • Ability to give Precise Measurements of Lengths, Diameters, Distances, and Angles!
  • Stage Micrometers Precisely Measure X and Y Stage Movement.
  • Great Tool for measuring distances or angles of a specimen.
  • Normally sold for Thousands More!

Precise measuring of angles, threads, distances, and diameters.

Concrete Nail Head
20x Magnification
Photo Taken Thru Eyepiece Tube

Markings on Concrete Nail Body
20x Magnification
Photo Taken Thru Eyepiece Tube

Eyepieces and Magnification
  • 20x Magnification.
  • Wide Field 10x Eyepiece with Built-In Crosshair Reticle.
  • 2x Achromatic Objective.
  • Two Illumination Systems to Meet Any Application!
  • Sub-stage Transmitted Variable Intensity Illumination (from bottom) Provides Green Filtered Collimated Light that is Excellent for Viewing Contours and Transparent Objects.
  • Oblique Incident Variable Intensity Illumination from Twin Spot Lights with Adjustable Inclination provides Light Source on Each Side of Object. Great for Uniform Illumination of Surface Items with Textures.
  • 6V/20W Halogen Bulb in Base.
Microscope Head Details
  • Observation Tube: Monocular, Inclined at 30 Degrees from Vertical.
  • Goniometric Head for Measuring Angles.
  • Eyepiece Protractor: Graduated 0 – 360 Degrees with Adjustable Vernier Reading to 6 Min.
Stage Specifications
  • Large Measuring Stage: 300 mm x 200 mm.
  • Stage Movement: X = 50mm, Y = 50mm. (Maximum of 65mm x 145mm).
  • Glass Stage Plate, 220mm x 120mm.
  • Two Micrometer Heads: One for X-Direction, One for Y-Direction.
  • Standard Micrometer Head: 0 – 50mm, Least Count Resolution 0.01mm.
  • Stage has Interchangeable Intermediate Table to receive Different Optional Accessories.
  • Hard Steel Ball Bearings for Accurate and Smooth Stage Movement.
  • Fine and Coarse Focusing Knobs on Both Sides of Microscope.
  • Coarse Adjustment Travel Range: 180mm. (Head Movement Distance Up/Down).
  • Rack and Pinion Steel Gears for Easy and Better Head Movement.
Frame – Base – Size – Weight
  • Extra Large and Heavy Base for Overall Rigidity and Stability.
  • Total Overall Height of Microscope: 540mm.
  • Instrument Weight: 49 lbs.
Additional Information
  • Manufactured under ISO: 9001 Standards.
  • Protective Molded Styrofoam Container.
  • Precision Ground Glass Lens.
  • Quality Construction, Metal Frame.
  • 110 VAC (email about 220V availability).
  • 100% Brand New!
Product Warranty
  • Warranty! The Quality of the product is Assured! You are covered by a 5 Year Warranty on microscope equipment!

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