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Having Eyestrain or Neck/Back Pain when viewing through a scope for hours each day? Try a Video Zoom Microscope! Use it for Ergonometric purposes, or to demonstrate on a monitor for All to See!

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40x – 1600x TRINOCULAR
Price: $ 1,959.99
Model: bm004900am
Shipping/Handling/Insurance: $ 54.98

Includes usb digital camera and ccd analog NTSC color video camera.
Does NOT include computer or monitor.

Product Overview //
  • Good Quality High Power Phase Contrast – Brightfield Trinocular Microscope!
  • View Features in Live Unstained Specimens normally unseen by Brightfield Illumination.
  • Microscope Includes both Phase Contrast and Brightfield Capability.
  • Great Economical Price! Comparable Units Priced over $4000.

Biological specimens easily viewed on glass microscope slides with this compound microscope.
Laptop NOT Included. USB Camera - PC Connectivity. USB Camera IS Included. Connects Directly to Computer!
Laptop NOT Included. USB Camera - PC Connectivity. USB Camera IS Included. Connects Directly to Computer!
Laptop NOT Included.
USB Camera – PC Connectivity.
USB Camera IS Included.
Connects Directly to Computer!
Includes video ccd camera for output to cctv or tv monitor. Does not include monitor.
Includes video ccd camera for output to cctv or tv monitor. Does not include monitor.
Includes video ccd camera for output to cctv or tv monitor.
Does not include monitor.
Specimen photos taken with different type of camera held to eyepiece.    

Spirogyra in Conjugation
Photo Through Trinocular Port
10x Objective
100x Total Magnification
Zoom In.

Dry Blood Analysis
400x Power Total Magnification
Photo Taken Using Digital Camera
Attached to Trinocular Port
Camera Zoom In.

Live Human Blood Smear
Taken Under 40xph Objective
Photo Through Trinocular Port

Human Blood Smear
in Phase Contrast
Taken Under 100xph Objective
1000x Total Magnification
Camera Zoom In.
Special Features
  • Unique Ability to have Image in Both Oculars and Photo Port Simultaneously. This is Perfect for Training as the Binocular Eyepieces can be viewed by the Instructor, and Everybody Else can Watch the Viewing Screen. Most Trinocular Scopes lose light in one ocular when light is diverted to the photo port. This scope has the ability for 100% of light in both oculars, or divert light and get 20% light in oculars and 80% in trinocular.
Camera Equipment Included
  • Total Video – Photography Solution! Includes two cameras! Get a USB computer connected color digital microscope camera plus a CCD video camera for NTSC analog output to a TV. This is an incredible deal as these cameras are normally sold separately for hundreds of dollars. They are fully integrated into the microscope so you don’t need to waste time trying to figure out what accessories may be needed for video or photography.
  • Includes the required photography accessories such as phototube and c-mount for attaching each different camera. The included expensive accessories are normally sold separately.
  • Camera #1: USB Camera for Connection to Computer!
  • Reduction Lens System built into the camera. This lens system is important to give a more realistic image that isn’t too magnified.
  • Capture Live Full Motion Digital Video!
  • Capture Stunning 640×480 and 320×240 Pixel Digital Still Images!
  • Simple to Use. Plug Camera into Your Computer’s USB Port, Load the Software, and You’re Taking Images!
  • Great for Viewing Specimens and Displaying on a Computer!
  • Everything You Need: Microscope, Camera, Easy-to-Use Windows Capture and Editing Software, USB Cable. You Provide Only the Computer.
  • Camera #2: Video Microscopy Solution! CCD Color Video Camera with NTSC (or PAL is desired) format analog output for connection to CCTV monitor or to normal Television!
  • The CCTV Display Monitor is Not Included.
  • Works on most Televisions and VCR’s for Viewing and Recording of Full Motion Video!
  • CCD Camera Details: 1/3 Inch CCD Color Video Camera, NTSC Video Output Format, 420 Horizontal Lines Resolution, Low Light Requirement, with power supply and video cable with RCA jack (most TV’s and VCR’s have RCA inputs).
Free Beginner Microscope Accessory Kit
  • We include a variety of free accessories that are necessary equipment for using a microscope. Without high quality stained prepared slides, you have nothing to begin looking at. And you must have blank slides and cover slips to begin making your own specimens. These microscope accessories are not normally included with a microscope set and typically add a significant extra cost to having a complete laboratory microscopy system.
  • FREE BONUS: We will include 50 prepared microscope slides to get you started learning and viewing specimens immediately. Prepared slide categories include zoology, biology, botanical, etc.
  • FREE BONUS: We will include a pack of 50 blank glass microscope slides so you can experiment and take your own specimens.
  • FREE BONUS: We will include a pack of 100 new glass 22mm square microscope cover slips to on top of the blank microscope slides.
  • FREE BONUS: Aluminum carrying case is included so you can travel with your microscope. This is a great accessory for students who want to bring to the classroom. It also provides and excellent method of storing the instrument. Perfect for those applications requiring transporting the unit.
Eyepieces and Magnification
  • Eight Phase Contrast Magnifications: 100x, 160x, 200x, 320x, 400x, 640x, 1000x, and 1600x.
  • Ten Brightfield Magnifications: 40x, 64x, 100x, 160x, 200x, 320x, 400x, 640x, 1000x, and 1600x.
  • Eyepiece Sets Included: Wide Field 10x and 16x.
  • Four Plan DIN Phase Contrast Objectives: 10x, 20x, 40x, 100x (Oil Immersion).
  • Five PLAN DIN Brightfield Objectives: 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 100x (Oil Immersion).
  • Both the Phase and Brightfield Objectives are the Higher Grade DIN Standard PLAN.
  • Quintuple Five Position Nosepiece for Holding Five Objectives! Most scopes hold only Four!
  • Reverse Facing Objectives to keep unused objectives out of the way.
  • High Power 30W Halogen Variable Intensity Transmitted Light Located Directly Under the Light Collector.
  • Koehler Illumination System with Focusable Field Diaphragm on Base to allow for Better Control and more Efficient Use of Light Source. This gives Improved Image Quality!
  • Alignment Mechanism for Precise Centering of Koehler Illumination. This is a rare feature! Note the two centering screws. You will not find this on other scopes.
  • Aspherical Light Collector for Better Illumination.
Microscope Head Details
  • 30 Degree Inclined Trinocular Head (Easier to View than 45 Deg.) Rotatable 360 Degrees.
  • Adjusts to the Distance Between your Eyes: 55 to 75mm InterPupillary Distance.
  • Diopter Adjustment to Correct for Your Specific Vision Needs.
Condenser – Iris – Filters
  • Phase Turret Condenser with Four Phase Annulus Rings: 10x, 20x, 40x, and 100x, and Setting for Brightfield. Has Centering Knobs for the Phase Annulus Rings. Includes separate Phase Telescope for Viewing Alignment of Phase Annulus Rings. Includes Iris Diaphragm for use with the Brightfield Setting.
  • Brightfield Condenser: Additional Brightfield Condenser Included as Separate Item. 1.25 N.A. Abbe Substage Brightfield Condenser, Iris Diaphragm and Filter Holder. Two Filters Included: Blue and Green.
  • Condenser Alignment Mechanism.
  • Rack and Pinion Steel Gears for Easy and Better Condenser Movement Up and Down.
Stage Specifications
  • Large Graduated Mechanical Movable (up/down and longitudinal Y-direction) Stage: 140 x 130mm.
  • Low Position Coaxial X-Y Slide/Stage Movement Knobs – Range of Movement: 75mm (X-Direction – Slide Movement) x 55mm (Y-Direction – Stage Movement).
  • Coaxial Fine and Coarse Focusing Knobs on Both Sides of Microscope.
  • Coarse Adjustment Travel Range: 22mm. (Stage Movement Distance Up/Down).
  • Fine Adjustment Division: 0.002mm.
  • Adjustable Lock Ring Stop to Limit Coarse Range to Protect Slides.
  • Tension Adjustable Coarse Focusing.
Frame – Base – Size – Weight
  • Total Overall Height of Microscope: 480mm.
  • Instrument Weight: 20 lbs.
Included Items
  • Includes: Instruction Manual, Dust Cover, Bottle of Immersion Oil, Extra Two Bulbs and Fuses, and Coarse Focusing Adjustment Wrench.
  • Comes with standard phototube and 1x cmount for attaching external camera equipment.
Other Specifications
  • Manufactured under ISO: 9001 Standards.
  • 110 VAC Power Requirement (Contact us about 220V availability).
  • High Quality Solid Construction!
  • Precision Made Glass Optics!
  • Brand New, Never Used!
Warranty Information
  • This unit is protected by a 5 Year Warranty from Manufacturer on the Microscope and included equipment.

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