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300x-600x-1200x METAL MICROSCOPE
Price: $ 54.99
Model: bm041b000a
Shipping/Handling/Insurance: $ 19.98


Product Overview //
  • Discover the Universe – both Large and Small!
  • Use the telescope to look at birds and wildlife at a distance or to view the craters of the moon!
  • Use the microscope to view microbiological specimens at high power magnification!
  • Excellent microscope kit for the beginning scientist!
  • Great educational tool for sparking a lifetime of learning and interest in astronomy and microbiology.
  • Give a child a microscope and you give them a view to the world beyond their eyes!
  • This set includes a microscope and telescope both, with a handy microscope accessories kit!
  • Includes molded plastic carrying and storage case great for portability!

Compound light microscope for use with viewing biological specimens on slides.
Toolmaker microscope for measuring.
Microscope Accessories Kit Details
  • Includes everything needed to make your own biological specimens on slides!
  • Set of plastic blank microscope slides.
  • Eight glass slide microscope cover slips, square size 18mm x 18mm.
  • Eight plastic slide microscope cover slips, round size 15mm x 15mm.
  • Eight microscope slide labels.
  • Set of prepared microscope slides, professionally prepared and stained with biological specimens for ease of viewing the microscopic image.
  • Three specimen vials.
  • One petri dish.
  • Two pond water specimen collection canisters.
  • One test tube.
  • One pair of tweezers.
  • One stirring rod.
  • One spatula.
  • One scalpel.
  • One dropper pipette.
  • One spare microscope bulb, 2.2V, 0.25A.
  • Includes instructions for the microscope.
  • All included in one molded plastic microscope carrying and storage case.
Microscope Specifications Details
  • Battery Powered Microscope.
  • Three magnifications available: 300x, 600x, 1200x.
  • Microscope frame made from die-cast metal.
  • Microscope stage with microscope slide clips.
  • Focusing knobs on both sides of microscope to raise and lower the microscope head to get the specimen into focus.
  • Microscope objectives mounted on revolving turret for easy selectability of magnification.
  • Power: Uses two AA batteries (not included), located in the base of the microscope.
  • Capability for solar lighting using the included mirror on the bottom light source.

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